The Wake (short story) (Gothic horror)

The Wake Phearson studied Jared O’Brien’s corpse, and he was troubled. Phearson O’Toole was no stranger to death; he’d served in the County Irregulars as a young man and seen action in various disputes and blood-feuds ever since.  But the way Old Jared’s mortal flesh lay neatly set on the dining room table . . … Continue reading The Wake (short story) (Gothic horror)

Queen of Night (short story) (FemDom fantasy erotica)

  Queen of Night “People keep saying that Jesus is Lord He’ll take me in the Rapture, He’ll come with a sword Preachers on TV tell me I’m living wrong But I’ve tasted the lips of sweet Babalon   “I know they call you the Queen of Damnation Our sacred love, abomination But dying in … Continue reading Queen of Night (short story) (FemDom fantasy erotica)