Up The Cuts [#ownvoices translesbian erotica]

[CW alcohol, slurs/transphobia, kink] “Don’t let them break you, Don’t let them tell you who you are! Doesn’t matter where you come from, You’ll always have a floor to sleep on, And you have your bamboo bones, Blind ambition, nervous energy, Skin of your teeth; Push back, push back, push back With every word and … Continue reading Up The Cuts [#ownvoices translesbian erotica]


Short Story: ‘The Widow’ [BDSM supernatural erotica]

THE WIDOW Lizzie had to do it. It had been almost a year since she’d done it last, and she’d thought she was done with it, thought she’d finally be able to move on.  But earlier that day she’d seen something—something routine, something innocuous, downright stupid—one of those magnetic yellow ribbons on the back of … Continue reading Short Story: ‘The Widow’ [BDSM supernatural erotica]