Poem — The Changeling

The stars hung in the darkened sky As the corbies eastward fly And forth she wanders, passing by beneath the silver moon The old straight road, she knew it well And as her footsteps softly fell And echoed lightly through the dell she sang a hopeful tune And at road’s end she found him there … Continue reading Poem — The Changeling

Poem — The Nightlands

He’d packed his bags the night before, to early be away And saddled up his horse to ride before the break of day But his mother woke ere he was gone; his business she would know And he told her, “I can’t bide here; I’ve no time, I must go.” “And whither do you ride?” … Continue reading Poem — The Nightlands

Achilles and the Tortoise [experimental prose]

(this piece was inspired by a line in Sarah Zedig's "A Video About Transitioning" which everyone must watch because it is very good) ********* “I challenge you to a footrace,” said the tortoise. “If you give me a small head start, I will surely win.” “Fool,” said Achilles, “I am the Achilles, son of Thetis, … Continue reading Achilles and the Tortoise [experimental prose]