Poem — Rassragrmol

Once he knelt before the Lady, long ago And mastered was the Master in his pride, And once he walked while in a witch’s guise And while in Samsey worked a witch’s spells. And so I wear my vestments, women’s guise; Adorned with bells, I wear the cat-skin gloves; In rites untamed I offer up … Continue reading Poem — Rassragrmol

Poem: ‘On the Late Massacre in Milton’

  On the Late Massacre in Milton   Who now recalls the ancient bygone days When all our fathers worshiped stocks and stones? Who lives who saw the sacred shrines and groves Where painted men would honor demon-gods? Who saw them dancing ‘neath the standing stones When sacred fires burned on solstice-days?   All this … Continue reading Poem: ‘On the Late Massacre in Milton’