The Graveyard of Empires — Chapter 8

Previous Chapter Begin at the Beginning Support This Project [This chapter contains transphobia, intersexism, implied CSA, and much swashbuckling violence] VIII. We traveled north of the Neck into a steppe of low, rolling hills, and east over those hills until they broke away to a wide, flat plain that opened out as far as I … Continue reading The Graveyard of Empires — Chapter 8

[Essay] Fascism and Queerphobia

[Presented at the Gainesville Antifascist Committee community teach-on 7 OCT 2018] The queer community has been and will continue to be oppressed under capitalism, and fascism is only capitalism in decay, which is to say capitalism in fast forward, the mobilization of the professional-managerial class, and so queers have been historically and continue to be … Continue reading [Essay] Fascism and Queerphobia