Up The Cuts [#ownvoices translesbian erotica]

[CW alcohol, slurs/transphobia, kink]

“Don’t let them break you,
Don’t let them tell you who you are!
Doesn’t matter where you come from,
You’ll always have a floor to sleep on,
And you have your bamboo bones,
Blind ambition, nervous energy,
Skin of your teeth;
Push back, push back, push back
With every word and every breath!
What God doesn’t give to you,
You’ve got to go and get for yourself . . .”

–Laura Jane Grace


The girl in the patch vest was passing really well.


Kate judged herself for thinking as much.  She was lucky enough to have a supportive family, so she’d believed everything her therapist had been telling her like it came from the mouth of God Herself for about six years now, and it was hard to unlearn that kind of thinking; but even after only three months away from home, she already fucking hated that word.  Passing.  She whispered it to herself, and it left a rotten taste in her mouth.


Even so, it was true; if it weren’t for the giant backpiece clearly outing her, Kate would’ve clocked the girl in the patch vest as a cis woman.  She had a look, that was for sure; the denim vest covered in logos for bands Kate had never listened to and political groups she’d never heard of draped over a ragged black summer dress, wavy brown hair spilling out across her shoulders, long legs ending in giant black boots.  Kate took another sip from her cocktail and let herself indulge in a few more preconceived notions:  Punk Girl was beautiful, and from the way she stood it looked like she knew it.  She looked to Kate like the kind of lover who liked to pen down her partner and have her way with them; that suited Kate just fine.


Punk Girl leaned back against the club wall and lit a cigarette.  The wind blew and ruffled her dress, showing off more of her legs.  Kate felt the butterflies rising, downed half of her drink, and resolved to make a move.


“Hi,” she said, sliding up with a dorky wave.  Her voice cracked, and she blushed, and she could feel herself shaking, but no matter:  She’d started.  “Mind if I have one of those?”


Punk Girl handed Kate a cigarette and a lighter and gave her a warm smile.  “Anytime, sister.  I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.”


“Uh, yeah, no, you wouldn’t have, I’ve never really been downtown before.  I’m, uh, still new here.”




“Yeah.  Um . . . yeah.  I only just moved here a couple of months ago, for school, and to get away from my parents–I’m 21 and I’ve never really been away from home before, and–”  She caught herself rambling and held her head in her hands.  “Oh, god, I’m sorry.”


“Aw, you’ve got nothing to be sorry for.  What’s your name, anyways?”


“Uh, Kate.  I’m Kate.”


Punk Girl offered her right hand.  “Nice to meet you, Kate, my name’s Knives.  Welcome to town.”


Kate shook the offered hand.  “Knives?”


“That’s what everybody calls me.  So,” she rapped her knuckles on the brick wall behind them, “how do you like the club scene?”


“It’s okay, I guess; I’m not sure what I was expecting.  It’s really loud in there, I can’t really talk to anyone, and I was kinda hoping . . . y’know . . .”


“You’d meet someone.”  It wasn’t a question.  Knives grinned and added, “You’re flirting with me, aren’t you?”


“I . . .yeah.  Sorry.  Oh, god, I’m sorry.”  She sighed and studied her shoes.


“Oh, honey, don’t be.”  She laid a hand on Kate’s shoulder.  “You’re adorable.  I saw you checking me out a minute ago, and I was hoping you’d come over and say something.”


Joy flashed across Kate’s eyes.  “Oh, god, I just . . . You’re, like, so pretty, but I’ve never really, y’know, done this before, and I’m not very good at talking to strangers, and . . . and . . .” She fished a pen out of her purse and clicked it frantically.  Knives chuckled, and to Kate’s surprise it wasn’t mocking; the other girl found the gesture endearing.


“Tell you what, college girl,” Knives said, “there’s like some benches around the other side of the building.  Follow me, we’ll sit and hang out while we sober up.”  And she walked.


“Sober up?  But we’re at a club.”


“Well, yeah,” Knives said, without stopping or turning around, “do I look like a frat boy to you?  I’m not gonna fuck a drunk chick, am I?”




Kate followed her around the building to a patio where a few couples had paired off and moved into their own corners.  Knives found a seat away from the others, sat down, and patted the bench next to her.  Kate sat down slowly, shyly, and Knives slid closer to her until their hips were touching.  Kate blushed and didn’t speak.


“Well,” Knives said, “you were hitting on me, and it worked.  Didn’t plan on making it this far?”


Kate hiccuped.  “Well . . . yeah.  I don’t know what came over me.  I’ve never done anything like that, like this, before.  I guess I’m more buzzed than I thought.  Oh, god, this is embarrassing.”


“Don’t be, sweetheart.  You’re cute as hell, and you seem super sweet; you’ve got this whole ‘girl-next-door-goes-to-the-big-city’ thing down to a science.”


“Well, that’s pretty much me.  God, I’ve only been here a couple months, I don’t have any friends, I’ve never been to a bar before . . .”


“Wait.”  Knives’ eyes widened.  “You came here by yourself?”


“Well . . . yeah.  I don’t know anyone around here yet and I was hoping I’d, y’know, make some friends.”  She looked down.  “Nobody’s even talked to me.”


“Well, sister, I’m talking to you.  We can be friends.”  She threw her arm across Kate’s shoulders.  “Look at us, just gals bein’ pals.”


Kate stiffened for a moment, then settled into the embrace.  “Oh.  Oh, wow.”


“What’s up, sweetheart?”


She stiffened and started clicking her pen again.  “Oh, well, I’ve never been this close to another girl before.  I mean, I’ve always liked girls, but back when I was living as a guy it was such a big deal for me to be into guys, and then I started transitioning and my therapist told me I’m not supposed to be into girls.  I know that’s a load of crap now, but still.  Look at me, going to a bar and trying to pick up a hot girl!  I just . . . I . . . “


“Let me guess:  You’re not usually this talkative, are you?”


“Oh, God, no.  I never talk this much, I never even start conversations.  I’m sorry.  I just . . . I don’t know what’s gotten into me.”


“You put yourself out of your comfort zone, you were feeling adventurous, and then you saw somebody else who’s just like you.  Right?”


“I guess so.  God, I’m so sorry, I must be making a complete ass of myself.”


Knives gripped Kate’s shoulder.  “Listen, sister:  You’re cute as hell, and you seem so sweet, and I really appreciate all this, I really do.  I could sit here and listen to you talk all night.”


Kate blushed even redder.  Knives pulled her in and whispered, “So does all that mean you’ve never kissed a girl?”


She nodded.


“Would you like to?”


Her eyes widened.  She gave a slow nod.  Knives leaned in and pressed her lips against Kate’s.  Kate almost pulled away in surprise, then returned the kiss.  Knives slipped her tongue into her mouth before breaking away.


“And now you’ve kissed a girl.”


Kate was panting.  Knives kissed her forehead and said, “We can explore some more new things, if you’d liked.  Ever gone further than kissing?”


“Y-yeah.  I’ve, uh, I’ve had a few boyfriends.”


“And I bet a cutie like you drives all the boys wild.  But you’ve never been invited back to a girl’s apartment, have you?”


“N-no.  Are . . . are you . . .?”


She laughed.  “You tried to hit on a girl and it worked, darlin’.  Don’t you wanna get lucky tonight?”


Kate looked like she was about to drop dead.  “Well, I . . . yeah.  Yes.  But I didn’t think it would . . .I would . . .”


“Hush.  We’ve got all night, I’m not in any hurry, and you seem like a pretty kick-ass girl regardless.  You don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, alright?  Let’s just sit here for a while, dig the scene.  And later–but only if you want to–later,” she whispered in Kate’s ear, “we can walk on over to my place and fool around.  Just gals bein’ pals, y’know?”


“I want to.  I just . . .”


“You’re nervous?”


“Yes.  Yeah.  Oh my god, I’m nervous.”


“That’s cool.  You just let me know if you feel uncomfortable, alright?  No matter what we end up doing, I want it to be something you enjoy.”


“Can we . . . I . . . can we just sit like this for a little while?”  She leaned in further until her head was resting on Knives’ chest.  “And can I have another cigarette?”


Knives laughed, wrapped an arm around her, and handed her a smoke.  Kate tried to relax and enjoy the moment.  Knives was a new person, and this was a new experience, so she would stay nervous and jittery, but this was better than she could’ve hoped.  She’d thought that Knives would shoot her down, or make fun of her as soon as she’d started talking; she certainly hadn’t expected the strange girl at the bar to find her charming, or to be so sweet.  Somehow, she knew that Knives wouldn’t make fun of her shyness or her quirks, and that Knives meant every word; if she changed her mind about sex, her new friend wouldn’t mind.


So Kate smiled, in spite of the newness of it all.  Knives started playing with her hair, and she sighed with contentment.  When her cigarette was finished, she nuzzled Knives’ chest.


Knives chuckled.  “Feeling good again?”


“I’ve felt good all night,” she whispered.


Knives stopped playing with Kate’s hair and slid that hand down her neck, across her chest.  With her other hand, she fondled Kate’s thigh.  “Is this good?”


“Yeah,” Kate whispered.  “Yeah.  This is good.”


The hand on Kate’s thigh moved to her lap and cupped the bulge in her panties.  “I like what I’m finding,” Knives cooed, kissing her neck.  “I bet this’ll feel so good in my mouth.”


Kate gasped, looked around, remembered that they weren’t alone.  They were mostly alone–the other couples had left, save for two men kissing in the far corner–but she was still jittery.  She took in a deep breath and stammered, “Maybe . . . maybe we should go?”


“Thought you might not ask,” Knives said, grinning.  She stood up.  “My place is just a couple blocks away.  Follow me.”


Knives walked off briskly, shaking her ass, and Kate followed with butterflies in her stomach.  She tried not to think about what she was doing, afraid she’d get too nervous and back out.  She wanted this, had wanted it for years, and now that it was actually happening she found it hard to believe.


Knives lived in a ground-floor apartment in a brick building tucked into an alleyway.  The building, the whole area, was run-down, dirty, and smelled terrible.  Kate liked it; it was exactly the sort of place she’d expected.  When Knives opened the door, the interior was just as typical:  A one-room apartment with minimalist, dumpster-scavenged furniture, the floor covered with laundry and empty pickle jars, the walls lined with bookshelves.  The shelves appeared to be mostly stacked with how-to manuals, trashy paperback romances, and dense tomes written by authors with Slavic-sounding names.  The room reeked of stale cigarette smoke.


“Sorry it’s such a fuggin’ sty,” Knives said, “but welcome to my humble home.”


“I think it’s wonderful,” Kate said, her eyes fluttering.


“Seriously?  It’s a mess, dude.”


“It’s just so . . . you.  Oh, god, I don’t mean to say you look dirty or anything, I just . . . I think you’re really cool.  And this looks like a cool person’s apartment.”


Knives gave her a warm smile.  “So, sweetheart,” she said, “you want me to get you something to eat, or drink?  Or you wanna go ahead and make our way to the bedroom?”  She gestured to a mattress on the far side of the room.


Kate felt bold.  Steeling herself, she put an arm around Knives’ waist, pecked her on the lips, and whispered, “I want this.”


Knives threw her arms around Kate and showered her with kisses.  Kate was pushed back by the onslaught, felt hands on her chest, hands on her butt, a hand on her crotch, hot breath on her neck, and before she knew it she was falling, falling onto the mattress with Knives straddling her, their dresses entangling.  Knives kissed her neck, kissed her chest, touched her.  Kate reveled in it, tried to return the affections, to enjoy Knives’ body, but it was all happening too quickly.


As if sensing it, Knives stopped.  She rested her head on Kate’s chest and asked, “Baby, do you know what I’d like to do to you?”


“Wh . . . what?”


She ran a hand down Kate’s neck, across her chest, and cupped her breast, giving it a gentle squeeze.  “I want to make you feel good, baby.  I want your first night with a girl to be the best night of your life.”  She slipped her hand under Kate’s bra and gave her nipple a pinch, and Kate squirmed.  “I’m gonna touch you all over.  Play with your sweet little ass.  I’m gonna take your flower in my mouth and suck you until you’re screaming.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”


Kate felt overcome; she fidgeted with the grimy bedsheets as her chest heaved.  Knives threw her legs across Kate, straddling her, and said, “I promise, none of those boyfriends of yours can suck dick like I can.”


“Well, I . . . That’ll be a new thing, too.”


“Really?  God, I can’t count on straight boys to do anything right.  So what have you done, sweetheart?”


Kate took a deep breath; she felt herself relaxing, becoming comfortable with having Knives so close.  “Well, I’ve, I . . . I’ve given blowjobs before, and I’ve been fucked, but nobody wanted to return the favor.  They weren’t really boyfriends, not really, just friends, and we were all young and curious.”


Knives smirked.  “Practice girl?”


“Yeah, pretty much, yeah.”


“Oh, I know how that is; I was a practice girl, too.  But listen.”  She kissed Kate’s forehead. “You’re a real girl, as real as they come, a real beauty, and now I get to enjoy what they were too dumb to see.  Now, let’s get to work.”  


She shrugged off her vest, then grabbed her dress around the hips and pulled it off in one motion.  Kate gawked; Knives was absolutely stunning.  Her slender body was hairless, her breasts perfectly filled her lacy black bra, and there was an almost intimidating bulge in her purple panties.


Knives rolled off of her to lay at her side.  “See something you like, sweetheart?”


Kate gave in.  She threw her arms around Knives and kissed the other woman, running her hands across her body.  “Oh my god,” she gasped, “Knives, you’re beautiful.  So beautiful.”


“Well, why don’t you join the party?” Knives asked.  “Let’s see what you’ve got.”


Kate sat up and pulled off her own dress just as Knives had, though a bit more clumsily.  Knives didn’t stop to comment on Kate’s appearance, but leaned into her, embracing her, kissing her deeply, fondling a breast with one hand and Kate’s crotch with the other.  “You’re beautiful,” she whispered.  “I’ve got a beautiful, shy, adorable trans girl in my bed and I’m the luckiest woman in the world.  Touch me, Kate.”


Kate buried her head in Knives’ neck, kissing and nuzzling, while she ran her hand across Knives’ breasts.  She gently, slowly unhooked Knives’ bra, let it fall away from her breasts.  Kate savored the way they felt, so full and round and soft, and placed her mouth on one of the small, pert nipples.  


“Oh, fuck,” Knives moaned, holding Kate closer.  “Oh, hell, that feels good, baby.”


She sucked harder, and she slid her right hand into Knives’ panties and caressed her womanhood.  Knives was flaccid, enchantingly smooth and soft, but her shaft was still big enough to fill Kate’s hand.  She pumped it gently.


And Knives responded.  “Oh, fucking hell, that’s a good girl,” she moaned, her body quivering.


Kate pulled away from the breast and left a trail of kisses down Knives’ belly, stopping right in front of her bulge.  Knives put a hand on her cheek, said, “Hold on a second, sweetheart, before you unwrap your present.”


“Wh–what’s up?”


“I been taking my vitamins for a lot of years, and I’ve, like, been effected.  She’s not as lively as she used to be.  So if she stays soft, it doesn’t mean you’re doing a bad job, alright?”


Kate nodded, nervous.  She’d given blowjobs before, but the thought of doing it for another woman was as intimidating as it was exciting.  She carefully pulled Knives’ panties down and put her mouth to the woman’s member, taking its length and girth.  It felt soft and malleable, which was strange, but also pleasant, and she savored the new feeling along with the warmth and the salty-sweet taste.  Knives stayed soft, like she’d said she might, but she also gasped and shook with pleasure every time Kate bobbed.  After Kate had been between her legs for what felt like ages, Knives pulled her up.


“Holy fuck,” Knives gasped, “you suck like a pro; I got so fucking close, babe.  But, hey, I want this to be your night.”


Knives pushed her back down so that she lay face-up, slipped between her legs, and showered her with kisses.  She slipped a breast out of Kate’s bra, put her mouth to the nipple, licked and suckled as Kate moaned under her.  She left a trail of kisses down Kate’s belly, kissed and nibbled her thighs, pulled her panties to the side, but to Kate’s surprise kept going down.


Kate gasped when the other woman’s tongue slid across her hole.  Knives grabbed her hips and pressed into her, caressing the opening with her lips and tongue, slowly penetrating her.  Kate kept gasping and moaning, with pleasure now that the surprise had passed.  She felt herself relaxing, opening up for her lover, and she thrust against Knives’ face as she grabbed fistfuls of the sheets.  Pleasure washed over her in waves, and she felt her womanhood swell and stiffen.  Knives was moving quickly, hungrily, and as the pleasure increased, Kate felt pressure building inside her, like being brought almost to orgasm but never quite close enough.  After a while Knives broke away and lifted her head up, pumping Kate’s womanhood with her right hand, and asked, “Did that feel good, baby?”


“Oh my god,” Kate gasped.  “Oh, my god.  That was . . . oh, that was amazing.”


“Fuck, I could eat this ass for days, sweetheart.  I can’t wait to find out how your clit tastes.”


“Oh, please,” Kate moaned, “please, Knives, it. . . . I . . . oh, fuck.”


“Hmm, I’ve got an idea how we can make this even better.  You like having your butt played with?”


“Oh, Knives, I love it, I love it.”


“I’ll be right back.”


Knives lept up and pranced over to the closet.  After rooting around in it for a moment, she came up with a dildo in one hand and a bottle of lube in the other.  The dildo was bright pink, long, thick, and textured.  She walked back to the bed slowly, sashaying gracefully, and she held the dildo up and said, “This here’s my girlfriend.  She vibrates.  Wanna give it a try?”


Kate nodded.  She felt nervous, both because Knives was still a new person and because the toy looked bigger than anyone she’d ever been with, but she wanted to try.  “Slow,” she whispered.


“Of course,” Knives said.  “Slow, soft, and easy, however you like it; I want this to be good for you.  You let me know if it’s too much, yeah?”


“Yeah,” Kate said, “yeah.”


Kate felt a hand between her legs, cold and slick with lube, and a finger inside her.  A second finger slipped inside her, then out, then in again.  She moaned and quivered, and Knives asked, “Feel good, sweetie?”


Kate couldn’t find her words.  Knives stopped, asked, “You alright, babe?”


“Yeah,” Kate said, “yeah, I just . . . gosh, Knives, you’ve got me all flustered.  Yeah, this is good; please don’t stop.”


Knives kissed her thigh and resumed.  Kate felt herself relaxing, letting herself enjoy it, the feel of her lover’s fingers inside her, but all at once the fingers were gone and she felt the hand rubbing more lube into her, then the head of the toy pressing against her.  Knives gave her thigh another kiss and asked, “You ready, sweetheart?”


Kate nodded, said, “I . . . I’m ready.  I’m ready, just go slow, yeah?”


Kate felt the toy press into her, and felt herself opening up to accept it as it slid inside, slowly, an inch at a time.  It stretched her, like she’d known it would, but Knives’ gentleness made her body’s resistance add to the pleasure of it, like the first time she’d been penetrated.  She moaned, gasped, and said, “Oh, gosh, oh, Knives, that’s so good . . .”


“Wait till I get the whole thing in there,” Knives purred, petting her thigh.  “Wait till I turn her on.  This thing is great; she can get me off hands-free.”


Kate moaned, gasped, arched her back and lifted her legs.  Knives went on:  “She’s long enough to hit just the right spots.  Best fuggin’ orgasm you ever had; you’ll be coming for days.”


But Kate was only half-listening.  She’d been penetrated before, and loved it, but the size of the toy, the texture on its surface, and the touch of another woman made it a new experience, and she was savoring every inch of it, gasping, moaning, pushing back against it.  The pressure that had been building inside her, like a denied orgasm, grew more and more intense, and her nerves sang with pleasure until it almost hurt; she could feel her body pulsing against its girth with every beat of her heart.  She started to come out of her trance and tell Knives to stop, until the other woman said, “That’s it, sweetheart; you took the whole thing.”


She drew in a deep breath and moaned, “Oh, Knives, oh, gosh, it’s . . . it’s big.  Oh, God, I think that’s all I can take.”


“Looks like she fits you just right, you big slut.”


“I . . .I . . . Oh, God, I’m stuffed.”  She gasped.  “Oh, this . . . oh, fuck, this must be what getting fisted feels like.”


“It’s not too far off.  We could try that, too, if you wanted.”


“No, thanks.  I . . . Oh, fuck, I think this is enough for me.”


“I’m gonna turn her on now.  You tell me if you don’t like it, yeah?”


Kate heard the muffled buzzing sound just as she felt the toy start to move inside her.  The sensation was like nothing she’d felt or even imagined before, pleasure coursing through her body in waves so intense she felt she might explode.  Gently, slowly, Knives backed the toy out of her, rotated it slightly, slid it gently back in, as though she were probing for something.


She was, and she found it.  The toy hit a spot that turned Kate’s moans into a scream, and Knives held it there.  She grabbed the edges of the mattress so tight her fingers hurt, and she was sure she would explode, and she felt Knives’ mouth slide over her throbbing womanhood.  She lost herself again, feeling the world and herself melt away so that nothing remained but the sensations coursing through her body.  When she was sure she couldn’t take anymore, Knives bobbed up and asked, “Is this good, baby?  You like it when I take your flower in my mouth?”


“Oh, fuck,” Kate said, half screaming and half moaning, “Oh, fuck, Knives, this is so good . . . Oh, God, I’m gonna come!”


“Come for me, baby.  Feed it to me.”


Knives went back down, and Kate came, screaming as the pressure inside her released all at once and she shot a jet of fluid into Knives’ mouth, and another, more than she ever had before, and she heard Knives choke.  She felt her womanhood going limp, but Knives didn’t stop; she pushed the toy deeper into Kate, and a second orgasm shook Kate’s body.  She felt a sweet emptiness when Knives slid the toy out of her, and knew she gaped obscenely.  As Knives came up from between her legs, she curled into a ball on the bed, shaking and crying.


“Oh, hell,” Knives said, throwing her arms around her, “are you okay, babe?”


Kate laughed through the tears.  “I’m fine, I’m fine, I . . . oh my god, Knives, oh fuck, that was . .  . that was amazing!  I . . . I . . . Oh, God, thank you.  Thank you.”


Knives held her close and kissed the back of her neck.  “Baby, you were so good.  You felt so good in my mouth, and oh my god you gave me so much cum.  Jesus, I could do this every night.”


Kate drew in a deep breath, said, “Knives, oh my god, I . . . I have never gotten off that hard before.  Fuck, oh god, that was so good, I . . . I came twice.”


They were quiet a while, Knives holding Kate as she rode the waves of her pleasure, coming down gently.  After a while, Knives kissed the nape of her neck and said, “Y’know, if you’re up for it, I bet I could get you off a third time.”


“Again?  Knives, I . . . I don’t know if I can move.”


Knives pressed her hips forward, and Kate felt soemthing bump the small of her back.  Something hard.


“You don’t have to move, sweetheart,” Knives purred.  “You did it, babe; you got me hard, fucking rock hard, and oh fuck I need to get off.  I can do it myself if you’re too spent, but if you want to, you can roll over and I bet we get one more out of you.”


Kate didn’t answer, but slid out of Knives’ arms, rolled over, and–shaking from the effort–propped herself up on her hands and knees.  Her arms gave out, and she rested her head on the mattress, her bottom in the air.  “I . . . I want this,” she moaned.


She evened her breathing, tried to relax as much as she could, as Knives got into place behind her.  She felt a hand rest on the small of her back and felt Knives tease her opening; she moaned and shuddered.  Knives pressed forward; Kate was already slick from the toy, and Knives wasn’t as thick as it had been, so she slid in easily.  Kate groaned and pushed back onto her; Knives gasped, pulled back out, and pressed in again.


Kate had been expecting to be ridden the way her friends had always ridden her–hard, fast, hair-pulling, rough–but Knives went slowly, carefully, gently filling her bottom and gently pulling out again.  It was intense, like anal sex always was for her, but differently intense, and she felt the pressure building inside her again.  Her legs shook, and, moaning, she sank fully onto the bed.


“Feel good, sweetheart?” Knives purred, stroking her hair.  Kate tried to speak, couldn’t find her words, answered by bucking back onto Knives’ womanhood.  Knives leaned down, nibbled her ear, and went on:  “You like that clit, baby?  You like having a girl inside you?  Oh, fuck, Kate, your ass feels so fucking good.”


The thrusts grew faster, harder.  The pressure built, the sensation of Knives’ womanhood inside her grew more and more intense, and soon Kate was moaning, thrashing, screaming as the other woman pumped in and out of her.  Knives peppered her neck and shoulders with kisses and moaned, “Kate, baby, this is so goddamn good, you feel so good around my flower . . . and, baby, yours felt so good in my mouth . . . fuck, Kate, I can still taste your cum . . . Oh, God, Kate, I’m getting close; are you gonna come for me, baby?”


The weight of Knives lying over her, the feel of another woman’s breasts on her back, the throbbing member pounding her bottom, and her own womanhood grinding against the sheets all compounded to make the pressure building inside of Kate almost unbearable.  Knives grabbed her shoulders, squeezed, and thrust into her as hard as she could.  She didn’t back out again, but, groaning, pressed her hips harder, driving her member as far into Kate as she could manage.


It rubbed her insides in the same spot the vibrator had, the spot she knew she’d remember how to find for the rest of her life, and she felt it start to happen.  She screamed; her vision started to go black around the edges; her whole body spasmed, her bottom gripping Knives like a vice; and she managed to suck in enough air to scream, “Oh, God, Knives, I’m coming! I’m coming!”


“Fuck,” Knives screamed, pushing harder, “so am I, baby!  So am I!”


Kate felt Knives swell and spasm, and felt her seed spurt hot and thick into her, driving her own orgasm.  She was mostly spent and didn’t mess the sheets, but it was bigger, more intense than any she’d had before; she screamed until her voice cracked, and kept coming until Knives was no longer inside her.  Kate’s mind was wrecked; she was riding wave after wave of pleasure, coming down an inch at a time, in that moment barely aware of where–or who–she was.  As she started to return to the present, she expected to feel Knives’ arms wrap around her; she gasped and jumped with surprise when she felt Knives’ lips touch her gaping hole.  The other woman’s tongue entering and caressing her felt wonderful, as it had before, but felt magnified by the now tender and swollen flesh.  She groaned, wordlessly, as she bucked against Knives’ face.


At last Knives came up, collapsed onto the bed beside Kate, and kissed her.  Kate pressed into the kiss, probed Knives’ mouth with her tongue, tasted Knives’ warmth mingled with other tastes–the bitterness from her own hole, the astringent taste of lube, a cool and salty taste that she knew was Knives’ cum, licked out of her.  She cried again, more happy tears.  She wanted desperately to throw her arms around her lover, but found she couldn’t move.  Knives obliged, embracing her and holding her close.


“Holy fuck,” Knives whispered.


Kate kissed her again.  “Oh my god, Knives, I . . . I . . . oh my god, this was the best night of my . . . my life.  Oh, fuck.”


Knives pulled her closer, whispered, “Babe, that was amazing; you were so fucking good.  I . . . oh, holy shit, that was great.  Hey, you got anywhere to be tomorrow?”


“N . . .no.”


“Me either.  We should hang here, take a lazy day.  I’ll make us breakfast.  Do you like eggs?  We’ll have pickles and eggs.”


Kate tried to respond, but her body was so spent, her lover’s arms so comfortable that soon she was asleep, floating off on waves of bliss.




Kate awoke late the next morning, coming out of sleep slowly, and for a moment she was shocked to not be in her own bed. But the smell of sex and the dull, pleasant ache inside of her brought the previous night all back to her, and she grinned and gave a contented sigh. She groped around, looking for Knives, but found she was alone.


“Good morning, you big dyke.”


Knives was sitting on the edge of the bed, having a cigarette. Kate made a wordless, sleepy noise. Knives smiled down at her and said, “Y’know, I had the wildest dream last night. I dreamed that I went to a bar, and met the cutest, sweetest girl in the world, and I took her back to my place, and we had the wildest, most amazing sex. Crazy dream, huh?”


“That’s funny,” Kate mumbled.  “I had a dream a lot like that.”


Knives snuffed her cigarette out on the floor, fell back onto the bed, and gave Kate a hug. “I haven’t started breakfast yet,” she said.  “I’m still kinda full from the dinner you fed me last night.”


Kate blushed. Knives held her closer, kissed her, and said, “Babe, you were amazing last night. It was so fucking good.”


“Knives,” Kate whispered, “oh my god, that was the greatest night of my life.  You…you…”  She returned the kiss. “Thank you.”


Knives ran her fingers through Kate’s hair, and said, “I’m glad you had as much fun as I did, babe.  I want to have more nights like that one. And mornings after.”


“I…oh, gosh, do you really mean that?”


“Scout’s honor. You’re cute as hell, and you’re so sweet, and oh my god you’re an amazing lay.  I’d like to see a lot more of you.”


Kate didn’t have words. She grinned, and blushed, and tried not to cry.


“Are you seeing anyone?”




“I think we should be girlfriends. Let’s be girlfriends.”


And Kate did cry, and she buried her face between Knives’ breasts and said, “You mean it. You really mean it.”. It wasn’t a question.


“Damn right I do.  And sweetheart, its cool if you’re too worn out or whatever, but yknow what I’d like?”




Knives rolled away and lay flat on the bed. “I really want my girlfriend to fuck me.”


Kate nodded emphatically. “Oh, god, yes, but….I, I’ve never done that before. Never been…on top before.”


“Well before last night you’d never done a lot of other things, either.” She spread her legs. “Come here, sugar. We’ll take it nice and slow.”


Kate slipped between Knives’ legs and looked down at her. It felt exhilarating, and surprisingly natural, and she moaned as their womanhoods brushed together. Knives pulled her down and kissed her.


“Step one, the most important step, is foreplay. Get me ready, baby. Touch me.  Go down “


Kate nodded, shifted down a bit, kissed Knives’ breasts, took a nipple in her mouth, nibbled and sucked it. Knives moaned, stroked her hair, said, “Oh, god, yeah, just like that, babe.  Oh, fuck yes, that’s what I like.”


She ran a hand up and down Knives’ body, found her lover’s flaccid womanhood, stroked it gently. Knives writhed and moaned, told her, “Oh, fuck, keep doing that. Baby, you’re so good at this…”


The actions felt natural, and her lover’s assurances made her feel confident, and she released the nipple and slid down between Knives’ legs to take her in her mouth. The warm, soft member still tasted like sex, and it excited Kate when she remembered that this was what had been inside of her last night.


“Oh, fuck,” Knives moaned, “oh, god, yes. Suck my clit, baby,yeah…oh, fuck yes, that’s what mama likes…”


When she bobbed up to take a breath, Knives asked, “Are you getting hard, babe?”


Kate nodded. Knives lifted her legs up and moaned, “I need you, babe. I need you inside me. Will you get me ready?”


Kate went down again, left a trail of kisses from Knives’ flaccid shaft down to her hole, and shyly, nervously, put her lips to the hole and licked. She was surprised; she’d known she would enjoy it, because the thought of pleasuring another woman with her mouth had always been so exciting, but she’d been expecting the act to taste terrible. It didn’t. Knives tasted of salt and sweat and woman, like her member and her nipples had, and just slightly bitter. Kate liked it. She pressed her mouth to the opening and teased it, then licked it, probed it, savoring the feel and the taste and revelling in Knives’ moans of pleasure.   Knives grabbed her by the hair, held her down, thrust against her face, and Kate felt her own, throbbing womanhood start to ache with need.


She came up, said, “Knives,  I… I need you, too, Knives. I’m ready.”


Knives handed her the bottle of lube. “Give it to me, baby. Fucking give it to me.”


Kate wetted herself, and wetted Knives, and slowly, nervously guided herself inside. The head of her womanhood found the opening, and she pushed, and Knives groaned and opened hungrily to accept her. In her excitement she nearly fell into Knives, who moaned and bucked and took every inch.


Knives wrapped her legs around Kate’s waist, and threw her arms around Kate’s shoulders, and she moaned, “Oh, fucking hell, that’s so good, baby…You like it?  You like your girlfriend’s ass wrapped around that big, fat dick?”


“Oh, god,” Kate panted, “oh, god, Knives, this is amazing… I’ve never felt anything like this before.  I… I fucking love this.”


“I’m glad you like it, sugar,” Knives purred, “because I’m a big ol’ slut and I love a cock in my ass. Fuck, this is my favorite way to have sex. I hope you love it, because I’m gonna ask for this all the fucking time.”


“I love it, Knives, I love it, you feel so good… Oh, god, I want to do this all the time. “


“Fuck me, sweetheart. Fuck me hard.”


Kate pulled back, and thrust forward, and again, slowly and carefully, and she moaned, and Knives was moaning, too, but Knives planted a kiss on her lips and moaned, “Do it harder, baby. Go wild. Give it to me. You’re not gonna hurt me, I promise.”


Kate started to move faster, but gradually. Knives kissed her again and said, “Kate, pull my hair, alright?”


She grabbed a fistful of Knives’ hair and pulled it, cautiously. Knives’ face contorted in pain, but she moaned, and pulled harder against it, and she said, “Oh, fuck, yes, that’s it, baby. Don’t stop, please don’t stop…”


Something woke up inside of Kate. By the hair, she pulled Knives’ head back and held it down against the bed, and she thrust into Knives as hard as she could, rewarded with a gasp of pleasure. Knives bucked and thrashed and moaned and Kate rode her, hard and rough.


“Yes, fuck yes, that’s good,” Knives groaned. “Oh, god, you fuck me so good, baby!”


“F…feel good?” Kate managed to ask.


“Oh, god, yes!  That clit feels so fucking good in my ass, babe.”. She drew in a deep breath. “ Kate, I want you to slap me.”


Kate was cautious, nervous, but she didn’t hesitate. She struck Knives on the cheek, and when Knives moaned with pleasure, she did it again, harder, hard enough to leave a red mark. She found she liked it, it made her feel powerful, and she rode Knives as hard as she could. She slapped her again, and Knives moaned her approval and slid a hand between them, grabbed her own flaccid womanhood, and stroked it. Kate felt her head swimming; Knives felt so soft and so tight, and hurting her had made Kate feel ten feet tall, and soon she felt pressure building inside her and she gasped and shouted, “Knives, I’m gonna come!  I’m gonna come!”


Knives squeezed Kate’s waist with her legs and gasped, “Give it to me, baby!  Fill me up.”


Kate came.  Her womanhood swelled and spasmed and she emptied into Knives, and Knives’ body reacted; she clenched against Kate’s member, milking every drop out of it.


And Knives came, screaming as she spilled her seed across both of their bellies. Kate, with shaking limbs, sat up and pulled her softening member from Knives with a satisfyingly wet noise, and they both groaned. Kate slid a finger across her belly, scraping up Knives’ seed, and put it in her mouth. She leaned down, kissed Knives’ belly, and licked up the rest before collapsing onto the bed.


“Oh, fucking hell,” Knives moaned, “hold me, babe. I need you to hold me.”


Kate threw her arms around her lover and held her tight. “Are…are you okay, Knives?  Is something wrong?”


Knives shuddered, nuzzled against Kate, said, “I’m fine, babe, I am good; that was amazing. I just… I’m flying high and I need to come down slow, y’know? Hold me close and tell me I did good. “


“You…you did good?” Kate said, confused.


Knives shuddered and gave a happy sigh. “Oh yeah,” she said, “That’s the good stuff. Damn, sugar, when I asked you to hit me, I wasn’t expecting you to slap the shit out of me; you’ve got some fire in you. Holy shit, was that as good for you as it was for me?”


“Oh my god, that…that was amazing, that was incredible!  I….I…”  She buried her face in Knives’ hair.


“Did you like pulling my hair?  Did you like slapping me? That wasn’t weird, was it?”


Kate was quiet for a moment. “No, I…I liked it. I…I liked it a lot, actually. Like, a lot a lot.”


“Mmm, that’s good to hear. Me and you, baby, we’re gonna do the weird shit, I just know it.”


Kate choked a bit, asked, “W…what do you mean?”


“Sweetheart, I love having my hair pulled, and I love feeling that hand across my cheek. When you held me down by the hair and pounded me, fuck, babe, I almost came right there. You wanna hear what I’d like you to do to me?”


“Oh, god, yes, p…please.”. She was panting.


Knives sighed, happily, and went on:  “Hit me. Slap my face, slap my tits, spank my ass. Fuck, please spank my ass; that’s the best. Pin me down while you fuck me. Or tie me up. Use me, tell me I’m your slut, your dirty little whore. Fuck my mouth, fuck my ass, sit on my face, stick your fist right up my ass. Make me beg before you let me come. Then hold me close and kiss me and tell me I’ve been a good girl. Your good girl.”


Kate shuddered. “Wow, Knives, I…I…that’s actually really hot.”


“I’m glad you think so. You and me, we can learn all sorts of new stuff about each other. You like it when I make you feel powerful, babe?”


“I do. Oh my god, I really do.  That was amazing.”


“I can be your little whore, babe. I can worship the ground you walk on and beg for that hand across my cheek…or whatever else you wanna do to me. Whatever weird shit you wanna try out, I’m down for it.”


Kate tried to think of something to add, but felt too flustered. She shuddered again and said, “K…keep talking. Please. I…I’m enjoying this.”


“Sure thing, sugar. Y’know what would be hot as hell?  Finger my little ass, and give me a little more and more, nice and slow, until your whole fucking hand is inside me. Oh, fuck, that would feel so good.”


“But, isn’t that… Isn’t that, like, dangerous?”


“Yeah, if you do it wrong. If you do it right, your asshole is a muscle, same as the rest, and you don’t see people who do yoga walking around with fucking noodle arms. Trust me, babe, there’s no better way to get fucked.” She nuzzled Kate’s chest. “I could show you. We could practice on each other.”


“I…oh, god, I think I’d really like that.”


“Nice. What about you, babe?  What’s something wild you get off on?”


Kate tapped the mattress nervously. “I…oh, gosh, I don’t know. I mean, I…I don’t know if…”


“Sugar, last night I sucked my own jizz out of your asshole. I don’t think you and I have got secrets anymore.”


“Yeah. Well, I…I’ve kind of always been into… Well…oh, gosh, it’s weird. You’ll think I’m some kind of creep.”


“Nothing is too weird for me, girl. I promise.”


“Okay. T…tentacles.”


“Tentacles?  Like in those cartoons?”


“Yeah.  I…oh, god, I should’ve said something else, oh Jesus…”


Knives rolled over so that they were face to face and kissed Kate full on the lips. “That’s fucking hot, babe.  Tell me more.”


“Well, okay. I… I just think it’s really hot. I just… I imagine this, like, eldritch god, like this thing that’s intelligent but totally inhuman, and it…I imagine these tentacles coming out from it, wrapping around my arms and legs, holding me down, gagging my mouth, and they….some of them squeeze my breasts, and some of them tangle up in my hair, and…and one of them works its way into my butt and fucks me, and one of them wraps around my…my dick, and milks me, and it all feels so cold and dark and alien, all over me, inside me…oh, god.”


“Kate, sweetheart, that’s so fucking hot.  Jesus Christ, you might be as big of a freak as I am. Thank you for sharing that with me.”


Kate was panting. “Oh my god, Knives, I’ve never shared that with anyone before. I…oh,gosh, thank you. Thank you.”


Knives smirked. “Sounds like you’re getting all excited again.”


Kate panted harder. Knives reached between her legs, grabbed her stiffening womanhood, and stroked it. She nibbled Kate’s ear and whispered, “Let me take care of that for you.”


Kate pulled her in closer, pressing their bodies together, and Knives slid her other hand around to play with Kate’s bottom. It was still slick from the night before, and she slid in one finger, then another. With her mouth still on Kate’s ear, she whispered, “Let me take care of you, baby. Let me make you feel good. Its my job; you’re my girlfriend and I’m your whore. I’ll be a good little whore, I promise.”


Kate moaned, and whispered, “Yes, yes, oh god yes…”


“You’re so beautiful, baby…I am so lucky I get to worship this beautiful woman’s body.”. She stroked Kate faster. “ Thank you for letting me take care of you, baby. I’m so lucky to be a beautiful, sexy woman’s little lesbian whore.”


“Oh…oh, god, Knives, keep going. I…I love this.”


“You like my hand on your clit, baby?  You like my finger in your butt?  Fuck, I want to feel what your fingers can do. I want to feel your fingers stretching me wide open… Your hand sliding inside me… Oh, god, I bet you’d make me scream, baby. You’d like that?  Wanna hear me moan and scream like a whore?”


“Yes…yes…oh, god, I, I do want that…”


“You can spank me, beat me, choke me, use me; I’m all yours, baby, your very own little dirty girl. I’m a very dirty girl, baby. You can sit on my face… You can piss on me…”


“Oh, fuck,” Kate moaned, “Oh, god, Knives, I’m gonna come!”


Immediately, Knives broke out of the embrace, went down, and took Kate in her mouth. Kate came, and she sucked, taking every drop that Kate gave her. When it stopped, she came up, kissed Kate, and said, “Thank you for letting me get you off, Miss. Your cummies taste so good.”


Kate rolled over onto her back, staring at the ceiling, and moaned, “Oh my god, Knives, you….you do things to me.  Oh, Jesus. “


Knives grinned and sat up. “So, how about breakfast?”




They sat on the bed in their underwear, eating scrambled eggs and passing a jar of pickles back and forth. They didn’t talk, but ate ravenously, and when all the pickles were gone they took turns drinking the brine. Kate coughed and spilled a bit on her breasts; Knives chuckled and said, in a mocking voice, “Welcome to womanhood!”. Kate laughed.


When the jar was empty, Knives carried it over to her pile of empties in the corner, walked back, flopped down onto the bed, lit a cigarette, and groaned, “So what are we supposed to do all day?”


Kate stole one of her cigarettes, said, “I…I don’t know. I’ve never had a girlfriend before, never woken up like this with someone before, I…gosh, this is all so new. I’m… I’m kinda lost.”


“We could get dolled up and go out someplace, but…god, I’m fuckin’ tired. I don’t wanna leave the house.”. She yawned. “ So, you’re going to school here. What are you studying? “


At that question, Kate felt something rising up inside of her:  Trust, and comfort. She looked into Knives’ eyes and knew that her girlfriend cared about her interests, and would listen. So she talked, and Knives did listen, and paid attention, and asked questions, and soon Kate was lost in the momentum of it, bobbing and nodding to herself, flapping her hands, until at last she ran out of words and said, “So, that’s… That’s about it, I guess. Gosh, I don’t usually talk this much. I’m sorry.”


Knives grinned from ear to ear, said, “Sugar, I could listen to you talk for hours.”


And Kate grinned back, and hugged her, and cried a bit.  She settled back on the bed, awkwardly, and asked, “So, uh, what do you . . . what do you do?”


“This and that, y’know?  I haven’t been back to school in a while.   For work, I’ve been delivering pizzas for the past few months; it’s fun sometimes, and it pays the bills. And I do some light swerk.”




“Sex work. Mostly cam and chat stuff. The money’s actually pretty good, but oh my god it can be work.”. She sighed. “ Lord, straight dudes are fucking boring; no matter how good the money is, they really can’t pay me enough to talk to them.”


They laughed together, and Knives said, “But work is work, y’know?  I spend most of my time writing.”


Kate’s eyes lit up. “Oh?  Really?  That’s… That’s so cool!  What do you write?”


“Honesty?  Trashy romances. They’re fun as hell to write, but it’s a terrible way to get rich quick.”. She threw herself down on the mattress. “Sugar, come here. I wanna snuggle my girlfriend.”


And Kate did, and Knives held her, and they spent the rest of the day there, holding each other and talking, until the sun started to sink and Kate said, “Oh, gosh, I…I better get going. I’ve got class in the morning.”


Knives pouted.  “But I don’t want you to go, I’ll miss you.  What’s wrong with here?”


“I . . . oh, gosh


Knives pouted. “But I don’t want you to go. I’ll miss you.”


“I’m gonna miss you, too, Knives. Gosh, we’re… We’re gonna be, like, inseparable, aren’t we?”


“Yep.  We’re gonna be so sweet we give everybody the diabeetus.   We’ll drive all our friends crazy.”. She was quiet a while, thinking, and added, “Y’know, you could always leave, and get your stuff, and, like…come back.”


“Are…are you asking me to…to move in with you?”


“Kinda, if you wanted to. I’m already, like, smitten with you; you make me all silly like a schoolgirl.  And I know it ain’t much, but where are you staying now?  They didn’t put you in a men’s building, did they?”


“Oh, god, no. I’m in a women’s dorm, but the one with individual rooms.”


“Jeez, aren’t those expensive?”


“Yeah, a lot actually, but my scholarship covers it; I got pretty lucky.”. Kate chewed her lip. “ Gosh, Knives, I…I don’t know. We just met last night.”


Knives chuckled. “Yeah, that’s probably smart. Well, my door’s always open, if you need me.  Are you doing anything this weekend?”


“N…no. I don’t really, like, get out much.”


“Well neither do I. Let’s hook up and have girl time.  Maybe I’ll even take your dick out of my mouth long enough for us to, like, see a movie or something.”


Kate blushed.  “I…I’d really, really like that.”


So Kate got up and dressed, and they said their goodbyes, and, reluctantly, haltingly, she left.




The lock on Kate’s door was broken.


She stared at the door for a while, her nerves rattling, not sure what to do. After a while she decided that whoever had broken in was most likely gone and she might as well survey the damage. She took in a deep breath, held it, and, with a shaking hand, pushed the door open.


Nothing seemed to have been taken, but the room had definitely been tossed. Her bed was tipped over on its side and her mattress was leaning against the far wall. All of her drawers had been upended and their contents strewn around. Oddly, it looked like the real target of the attack had been her clothes, which had been hauled into the middle of the floor and apparently stomped on. The door swung shut behind her as she stepped inside. When she reached the far wall, she turned around, and saw the door, and she understood, and she wept.


Whoever had done this had tagged the back of Kate’s door with angry red letters, spelling out, “RAPIST TRANNY FAGGOT.”. And below that, simply, “ MAN.”. And lower down, “NO MEN IN WOMENS DORMS.”


Kate dropped to her knees, then sank fully onto the floor, and wept. She lay there, crying, for what felt like hours, until she ran out of tears. Without thinking, without much awareness at all, she found her backpack, and stuffed some of her clothes in it, and she stood up, and–still weeping, though her eyes were dry–she ran.




Knives had called it an early night just after Kate left, and the loud, frantic knocking on her door pulled her out of a dead sleep. She got up and crept over to the door, sleepily but silently; and when she saw Kate, red-faced, through the peephole, she threw the door open and took her lover into her arms.


“Oh, sweetheart,” she said, “you look all shook up! Are you okay?”


Kate collected herself as best she could and stammered, “So, I…I…oh, god, I…so, earlier, when you said we could move in together… Um, can we?”


Knives held her tighter. “Of course we can, baby, of course. Hey, come inside. “


They sat together on Knives’ mattress, and Kate told her what she’d found in her room, and Knives held her close and whispered, “I’m so fucking sorry, baby. People are awful, but hey, we’ve got each other. I’m here.”


“I…oh, god, I…whatever I do about it, I’m doing tomorrow. Right now, I…I just want my girlfriend. “


“You’ve got your girlfriend, baby. You can stay here as long as you want, sugar. You can stay with me forever. We’ll be two girlfriends in a shitty apartment, us against the world, they’ll make like a sitcom.”


Kate chuckled. Knives went on: “I had just gone to bed when you showed up. Why don’t you lay down with me?  Whatever happens tomorrow, we’ll face it together, alright?”


Kate nodded. She undressed, and slipped into Knives’ arms, and was almost asleep when Knives kissed her ear and whispered, “Hey, Kate?”




“I love you.”


And Kate wept again, but these were tears of joy.



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  1. Oh…..my…..gosh….never before have I read anything as good as this. It was intense, it kept going and going and going and…just perfect. This is perfect.


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